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Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Thursday, July 28, 2005

You may all want to see this, an inteview with Brian K. Vaughan of Y: The Last Man fame.

Someone mentioned this in class... the cost of doing the Simpsons, for example is constant... here's how comics compare to film according to BKV.

BKV: I made some really terrible student films. They were sort of experimental, and "Let's shoot a whole film backwards," and they got a little more narrative. But it was frustrating, because it's so expensive, and the sound of the film running through that 16mm camera still gives me gas to this day, because I just picture dollar bills in a toilet-paper dispenser just rolling away. That was the appealing thing about comics: There literally is no budget in comics. You're only limited by your imagination. My student films were like failed science experiments where I had a result I was hoping to get, and it never quite matched. Comics has always been a joy. So I like collaboration, I like visual arts, but film... I quickly passed it aside in favor of comics.


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